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Heating systems are complicated and furnace issues can be costly, stressful—and dangerous to your family if left undiagnosed. Whether you need standard system maintenance, equipment repairs or an entirely new system, Thorsen’s is a phone call away. For unequaled craftsmanship, quality, energy-efficient equipment; and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, trust your indoor comfort to Thorsen’s.

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Why call Thorsen’s?

Qualified Technicians

NATE Certified (North American Technician Excellence)
Attend regular factory training for many different types and brands of equipment. In uniform, Photo ID badges, professional, courteous and knowledgeable about heating and air conditioning.

Heater Repair, Heater Service, Heater Replacement:

Nobody enjoys it when their heating or cooling equipment breaks down. It is usually when you need it the most. Thorsen’s Inc. offers several plans to help you avoid those inconvenient breaks in service. If your equipment does break down, be assured that we are prepared with trained and certified staff that can quickly, efficiently and cost effectively repair or replace your equipment as needed.

Before you call for service…

Here are some tips that you can try before you call for service. We love to take care of our customers, but some of these tips may help you avoid a service call, saving you discomfort, time and money.


  1. Thermostat: check the batteries, and that it is mounted correctly on the base.
  2. Breakers: Are any circuit breakers tripped?
  3. Access Doors: Are they on securely? Most doors have safety switches that must be engaged for furnace to operate.
  4. Filter: 1” filters should be replaced every three months
  5. Smell gas? If necessary, leave the house immediately and call PG&E 1-800-743-5000 (or your gas provider) from a safe location. DO NOT operate any electrical devices or switches, or use any open flames if you smell gas.
  6. Is the gas valve turned on at the furnace? Has any work been done lately at your home?
  7. Turn the system off at thermostat. Wait 2-3 minutes and turn it back on. Listen to what happens. Do you hear clicking, but no ignition? Does the blower come on and nothing else? No sounds from furnace at all?
  8. If resetting your system is a regular event, then safety features within the furnace are telling you there is something wrong and your system should be checked by a professional from Thorsen’s Inc..
  9. If none of these get your system operational, call Thorsen’s Inc. at (209) 632-3194 or after hours at (209) 554-4418 for repairs or click here to request service.


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